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Britney & Rihanna? I like it Like it!

Britney & Rihanna? I like it Like it!

When it was floating around a couple of days ago that Britney & Rihanna were set to release a remix of “S&M” I was delighted but wasn’t holding my breath. After all the idea of my 2 favorite ladies in pop music on the same track.. Sounded impossible! Until it was confirmed yesterday and the … Continue reading

Chris Evan as “Captain America”

Chris Evan as “Captain America”

Now I’m not one of the biggest Superhero fans, but I do enjoy the X-Men franchise (& Yes that includes the critically panned “Last Stand”). However, my superhero fondness ends there. None of the other “Supers” really entice me, now mind you I’m not saying I haven’t seen most of them… I just don’t run … Continue reading

Models In Motion: Scott Herman

Truth be told, it seems like the word ‘gorgeous’ was invented just to describe the bulging, in more ways than one, male model, my eternal love, Scott Herman. His dashing features, his luscious hair, and his top-notch body are the epitome of drop dead gorgeous. Check my pulse, because as Rachel Zoe always says: I … Continue reading

“The September Issue” Coming Out In August

In the words of designer Thakoon, “OMG, Anna is like… Madonna!” I have to admit, I cannot wait to see this darn movie. “The September Issue” is literally like the real life version of “The Devil Wears Prada,” minus the charming Anne Hathaway, but with whole lot more drama.. I personally have always been curious … Continue reading

Intel | Alleged Wife Strangler Is… Kinda Hot

What a shame. This man right here is Bradley Gellert, a 32-year-old financial consultant, who was booked by the police for allegedly choking his wife during an argument. [TR] From The Smoking Gun: A Florida man wearing an “I [heart] My Marriage” t-shirt was arrested last night for allegedly choking his wife during an argument … Continue reading

An “Emergency” Situation

Damn! is it that serious?!? someone is going to have to come pick my skinny ass up off the floor due this type of fuckery. Get this, a Floridian woman  is apparently straight up wildin’ out over some Mcnuggets and got a misdemeanor citation for it. Peep What The Smoking Gun Reported: MARCH 3–Angered that her local McDonald’s was … Continue reading

Confessions | Paul James Is Packin’

Hmm..I’m not to sure about this one, but basically, Aussie Fitness Trainer Paul “PJ” James, former body-builder and runway model, decided to pile on the weight to relate better to his overweight clients. Peep what the ex-buff bod and Hot Piece of Man told the daily mail: “I was finding it difficult to relate to … Continue reading