Lolene, Do You Hear My LionHeart?

So, I actually wanted to introduce my readers to one my favorite artists out there right now and that is the luminous, beautiful and brave dance/pop artist Lolene! Known for her singles “Sexy People” & “Rich (Fake it Till You Make it),” Her currently un-released but leaked album “The Elektrick Hotel” is a truly an amazing pop gem that rivals Lady GaGa’s “The Fame” & I mean that as an absolute compliment and not an insult. This girl is just raw talent, glamour, & cheekiness all combined into one fiery and curly haired girl. I honest to goodness believe that Lolene is just a undiscovered hit waiting to happen and I can’t wait for her to blow up! Highlights from her album for me are “Fucked Up” which is a flirty Caribbean-tinged song about losing the guy you love, the euphoria inducing “Radio,” super-cheeky-but-super-fun “Limousine,” the attitude laden & unapologetic “For the Record,” the bold but catchy “Die Without Love” and of course the anthemic “Lion Heart” which to me remains as one of the greatest pop love songs to be written in the past decade! Check out these tracks & an interesting and slightly funny interview courtesy of Electro Queer.

Lolene – Fucked Up | Limousine | For The Record | Die Without Love | Lion Heart | Radio | Sexy People | Rich (Fake it till You Make It)

P.s I’m a big fan of Lolene and it kills me to post her un-released album ALMOST in full but I really wanted to share her music to you guys.

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