My Disappointment W/ Rih’s “S&M” Video

While Rihanna is a global superstar, she’s been called “Stiff” when it comes to performing, compared a “goat” when it comes to her vocal abilities, labeled “a tampon head” & a “cockatoo” in regards to her hair… She, her millions of fans and of  I don’t really care. She’s Rihanna, you either love her or you hate her. However, I’m leaning more towards hate when it comes to her new dance/pop single “S&M” which remains as 1 of 2 of my favorite tracks from her platinum selling LP “Loud” the other being the theme song of my life: “Only Girl (In the World)”. Back to “S&M” though, with its crazy, blaring, & ultra “Loud” beats, attitude and sex-driven vocals… I expected an accompanying video that would match the songs sassy intensity and overt-sex appeal. What she delivered however is a banal mish-mash of random-color filled scenes full of tacky outfits, cheap looking settings, an odd theme topped off with an insipid cameo from Perez Hilton. While there were highlights such as the scene where she’s tied up in a rope trying to break free and the “performance” scenes where she’s seen with a cherry on her hair and seductively eating a banana. However, considering”S&M” was deemed as the “Rude Boy” track off of Loud… I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed at what Rih served to what could have been an otherwise fantastic video.

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