Chris Evan as “Captain America”

Now I’m not one of the biggest Superhero fans, but I do enjoy the X-Men franchise (& Yes that includes the critically panned “Last Stand”). However, my superhero fondness ends there. None of the other “Supers” really entice me, now mind you I’m not saying I haven’t seen most of them… I just don’t run out and see them on the midnight screenings or heavily anticipate them. I guess the whole “out-cast” or “ostrisized” aspect of X-Men is a somewhat relatable point in relation to the gay community… which is why I enjoy it. Or it could be because I love the wide array of special effects in them, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyways, Now that I know certified hottie Chris Evans will be donning “looks” such as this “shirtless beef-cake look” then don’t mind me if I’m pushing my way through some of ya’ll to get to the front of the line to catch a glimpse of Chris looking 10x sexier than he usually is. My a little muscle and some waxing did him good. See ya opening weekend July 22, 2011.



Source: Slash Film

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