I Can’t Tune You Out, Roger Frampton!


Where has male model Roger Frampton been all my life? That puppy dog stare, the sexy short hair, the lean-mean-fighting-machine abs, the sexy pout and the charming stare. Now I’ll be honest I’ve never been smart with love, I let the bad ones in and the good ones go but for sure this time I know Roger is the one for me.

I could love him like I’ve never been hurt before!

I need him desperately. I just know he’s good with those soft lips his, we can come alive in the night-time. Oh the things we could do… After a long day I could make him smile and surprise him with with nothing on but the radio. When I’m bad, I can be very bad. But when I’m good, he’ll know how good I can be. Better get home soon, cause I can’t wait to get my little hands on you.



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