Dreamgirl! | Shontelle – Perfect Nightmare Music Video

Shontelle is an upcoming R&B/Pop songstress that I’m all over right now. I’m in love her new album “No Gravity,” which is in stores now btw. She’s best known for her top 20 hit “T-shirt,” and the little song that could that is “Impossible”. Of the new songs that is featured in her new album “Perfect Nightmare,” along with “Love Shop” are definitely the standouts. Which brings me to the video for “Perfect Nightmare” that just came out. Let me tell you based on my recent romance this is definitely the story of my life at the moment, it just speaks and moves me… but enough about that. While the video is nothing ground-breaking I adored her “bead-like” hair in the performance scene, the fashion is a nice change from all the audacious fashion looks the the current reigning chicks in the game are rolling out. Plus, girl looks fantastic in the opening strut scene! I hope this song proves to be another hit for her, and blows up and does to Shontelle what “Disturbia” did to fellow bajan Rihanna. On a random note: was the role of “The Other Woman” Saleisha the controversial winner of America’s Next Top Model from seasons past? Anyways I’m wishing her the best! I What do you guys think?


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