See You Soon Then Nick Youngquest?

The gorgeousness that is Nick Youngquest has been out of the radar recently no? If I’m not mistaken, I haven’t seen too many, if any, new photoshoots or covers featuring his gorgeous body and an even more gorgeous face. Such a shame isn’t it?

Well apparently he’s back and he is looking better than ever!

Wow, I’ve always had a thing for guy with crewcuts but this new hairstyle is definitely giving me all sorts of sexy. Shot by Greg Vaughan the mostly black and white photos are absolutely what the word I’m looking for… Gorgeous! The tattoos, the rock hard abs, the pendant, the muscles and the nakedness. Goodness gracious. I’m going to have to lie down for a moment his handsome is too much handle. Until then I’ll see you again Nick. Better sooner than later I always say.



P.S Many apologies for the wrong photographer credit

4 thoughts on “See You Soon Then Nick Youngquest?

  1. Nice body! You must be spending the whole day in the gym that’s why your in a good shape. I also like the tattoos. Great article, Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Greg my deepest apologies. I’m actually a big fan as you can tell if you browse the blog. I have no idea how that error could have happened.

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