Cry Me A River Viiperi

I’ve been meaning to write about the super cute, and super handsome male model River Viiperi for a while now.

I’ve always had a thing for him

and it wasn’t just because he is absolutely gorgeous and ridiculously symmetrical. There was something about him that tugged at my heart strings and I couldn’t figure out what it was until now. During my senior year of High School, in spanish class I sat next to this gorgeous dirty blonde Junior who would say the darnest things, he was kind of a douche but a cute one at that, thats who River reminds me of. They share the same bright-eyed bedroom eyes, the same facial bone structure and nose. Regardless of the similarities though, I’m in awe of River’s strong eyebrows, pouty lips, hair, the way he stares, and that amazingly lean and atlethic body. Even the trace scattered moles on his face and body looks great on him. Swoon.

What else is there to say? Other than, oh River when can we be together? I’ll cry you one, then build a bridge that would rival the Golden Gate, and get over it just to get to you.



5 thoughts on “Cry Me A River Viiperi

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