Zeb Ringle Wants To Hurt Me…

Let me tell you guys a secret: Im attracted and scared of handsome, brown-haired, male model Zeb Ringle. He’s playing with my heart, and toying with my mind. I just know he is determined to kill me slowly with his sexy, and he’s determined to make me fall for him. I can see it in those deep menacing-yet-sexy eyes of his. He’s a red-blooded man and he wants to kill me softly and he knows that with his sexy body and pretty much sexy everything else its working. Truth be told,

His body like a knife, sharp and ridiculously deadly

and its me he wants to cut in two. He wants to wrap and man handle me with those muscular arms of his, slam me against the wall and pin me underneath his sexy pecs and 6-pack abs. I just know he wants to exact his revenge on me and it could happen any day now… I’m waiting.



7 thoughts on “Zeb Ringle Wants To Hurt Me…

  1. He seems to be a new-comer! I’m running him into every other blog…but you were the first one to post about him!!

    By the way, when are we expecting another playlist from you?

  2. @Phunk oh was I? That would be cool! I doubt it though. And yes I’m pretty sure he is though. And regarding the playlist… It’s coming… soon. Very Soon! xoL

  3. I went to high school with Zeb. I can’t believe how much he has changed! Had such a crush on him in school and now he is even hotter! Congrats! Glad to see you succeed in life! At least someone did from American Heritage.

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