David Filipiak Is All I Need

Pour yourself all over me

My god, is male model David Filipiak not sexy as fuck or what? He’s literally stud personified. He’s got a blazing hot, rock hard, smooth, muscular body, a perfect tan, awesome six pack abs, a very gorgeous face, spiked blonde hair, and chiseled features, plus he’s tall and pretty much drop dead handsome.

I swoon, I sigh. His handsome stud-liness never ceases to amaze me, every damn time. Honestly, the man can do absolutely no wrong in my book. What a man, what a man,

What a mighty good looking man David is!

From the very moment that I saw that face of his, I knew I could stare, I could hold, and I could be with him forever. If that is all i need to do, I definitely could love him forever, ten thousand lifetimes together wouldn’t even be enough.



2 thoughts on “David Filipiak Is All I Need

  1. L,
    I couldn’t agree with anything anyone ever said any more than with what you posted about David Filipiak last July 30. I just discovered David a couple of hours ago while looking up another model…and I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth fell open and I haven’t been able to say anything but “Oh My God!” for the last two hours. Nothing but drool has come out of my mouth since.

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