Katy Perry A “Teenage” Dreamer

You're such a dreamer!

Ever since “California Gurls” hit, all eyes, including mines, have been on blue wigged bombshell Katy Perry and what she will release next from her hotly anticipated sophomore album “Teenage Dream”. And let me tell you boys and girls the “teenage” dreamer did not disappoint.

The album title track is without a doubt probably one of the best and my personal favorite releases of 2010.

This will be another smash for Ms. Perry, believe it. The song with teenage escapist lyrics such as “Let’s go all the way tonight, no regrets, just Love” backed by retro 80’s beats is destined to warm its way to the hearts of all teenagers and adults alike. From cherry chap-stick kisses, fun in the californian sun, and now teenage dreams? All I got to say is job well done Katy. Download the track

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream



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