He’s One In A Miller!

Oh the thrill of it...

Oh gosh, If only the ever so handsome blonde, blue-eyed, male model that is Adam Miller knew I shimmer for him. Like Edward to Bella, he shot straight to my heart. I’m hooked on his looks, I’m under his intoxicating spell, and he’s under my skin. I can’t get enough…

His handsomeness is King!

From the perfectly sculpted 8 pack abs, the smooth, oval-shaped facial structure, the deep doll-like stare, the athletic-muscles, his pretty little lips, along with that straight and narrow nose, and the sexy eyebrows. I’m swooning, he’s making me loose my grip. Like a fish to a fisherman he’s reeling me in. He’s got that good stuff, and he’s got all of it. Oh Adam, when are you going to call or hit me up? Cause I can promise you when we touch it will be like heaven.



2 thoughts on “He’s One In A Miller!

  1. If you think he’s good looking in pics you should see him in person. Known him for a couple of years. Really nice guy and great personality.

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