Super-Size Me Allen Walker!

Walk over here Allen

My my, It seemed just like yesterday when I had just posted about the handsome male model that is Allen Walker. As a matter of fact his original post is just a few entries below… yet here he is again giving me what I want and so much more. UGH.

My goodness, the man sure knows how to whet my appetite!

The eyes are absolutely beautiful, the hair is just about perfect for him, the body is so delicious. That chest? Those arms? That adonis belt? Tell me what’s your recipe? Just thinking about him is making me hungry. Look at the guy! Yum, Allen tell you what I don’t want to wait in line, make it express and definitely to go, you need to take my order cause your muscular body is like a carry out… Please deliver. Oh and one more thing Allen Walker won’t you tell me if there’s any more room in those jeans for me?



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