The Lough Of My Life! | Tyler Lough… Undressed

Tyler's got it!

I’ve written about Ohio-born male model, hunkmeister, and large scoop of gorgeousness that is brown-haired Tyler Lough once maybe even twice before. However, I just can’t begin to fathom how I haven’t written about him more often? Born in 1986 the ex college basketball, armwrestling, and football played is without a doubt,

dripping with with pure unadulterated sex appeal!

The amount of it alone coming from his eyes, in the middle of that great face, are enough to send me in an ocean-deep coma. And I haven’t even touched upon the ridiculously amazing body on this fellow. He’s got perfectly muscled arms, breathtaking pecs, and abs so chiseled you’d think he was perfect. He might as well be though… every single time I see his face I’m just breathless and I just can’t help but say… Wow, Tyler Lough.



12 thoughts on “The Lough Of My Life! | Tyler Lough… Undressed

  1. Tyler isn’t gay. He’s been dating 2007 Miss Tenn USA for over two years now. Unless, of course, that’s just a cover-up.

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