Ring! | Lady GaGa Ft. Beyonce – Telephone Music Video!

So the much hyped,and very much delayed music video for Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” featuring Beyonce finally made its fashionable, cooch-flashing and crazy debut last night and the result? It’s nothing short of spectacular! Ooh, lord jesus I was actually pretty speechless after watching the vid. I was like WTF is this shit?!? The nearly 10 minute vid is chock full of crazy fashion from GaGa herself, Hello Madonna-esk look with the soda cans in the hair, Hoochie-Nun, and the out of this world sunglasses made out of cigarettes, and some from Beyonce aswell.  I loved every minute of it though. Especially the dance sequence with GaGa and Beyonce together, honestly they killed it, burned it and buried it! That shit was homicide! The only thing that was missing was my girl, living legend and iconic mama Britney, busting that pussy with the girls, to really make my head explode! Alas. However, it wasn’t perfect though… Beyonce’s acting was a fucking disaster.  Girl, you’ve been in so many movies already how is it that your acting is still an atrocity?? That is a mess, a hot ass mess! I did laugh and liked the part where she said “You’ve been a very bad girl, a very very bad bad girl GaGa!” She sounded almost ghetto, but ghetto in a good way! That and the video does not match the song lyrics at all. But this is GaGa and she did turn out an amazing video regardless, so all is forgiven. Counting down the days for Alejandro!



6 thoughts on “Ring! | Lady GaGa Ft. Beyonce – Telephone Music Video!

  1. It’s a cool video, no doubt…but where are your comments/reviews/opinions on it?! I loved your whole opinion on Bad Romance, disappointed there wasn’t one this time round!

  2. @Phunk Factor – Yeah it was! I’m glad you enjoyed my “review” ha! I always appreciate the compliments.

  3. I didn’t really like it. I think Gaga is going too hard to make a point now but she herself said this is what she is there to do. I am wondering how long she can continue to do this. She will become irrelevant and hated soon.

    Get real girl, be normal for once.

  4. @Corve I do agree with what your saying however, as long as Lady GaGa can stay ahead of the curve which she’s been currently doing… I really don’t see how her success can be stifled. She’s developed a certain bond with her fans and that alone will cement her longevity.

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