I Deserve Lasse Larsen As A Treat!

Here Boy!

Yum, yum, yum! Someone looks good. Is it just me or is the well built, brown-haired, and male model Lasse Larsen looking good enough to eat? Well is he gorgeous or is he Gorgeous? Honestly, my first reaction at the sight of him is pretty much like a hungry dog barking and wagging his tail along with his tongue begging for a bone.

I guess he’s one of those guys that bring out the animal in me!

I mean come on now, I’m sure he will bring out the animal inside just about anyone. There’s the height, the piercing eyes, the ridiculously muscular and buff body, those big strong arms, the bone and the jaw structure of the face, and the scruff and so on. It’s all sexy as hell. Speaking of which, if it was Lasse’s bone were talking about here then Woof, woof! Won’t you please give a “dog” something tasty to eat.



One thought on “I Deserve Lasse Larsen As A Treat!

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