Peter Kraus’ Eyes Have It!

I'm gonna need all the help from you I can get

I know I said I’d be posting much less, but considering I’m not too busy at work today and It’s the day before I’m off LA I figured “Why Not?” I figured I’d knock a few posts before I disappear for about a week! Well its also because there’s something really captivating, dreamy, adorable, and hauntingly handsome about brown-haired male model Peter Kraus and his ocean-deep stares. Among his sea of great features, his eyes definately takes the boat for me. Here’s the thing

Every time I look at him, I get lost in those eyes!

When i focus on it, everything for a moment feels alright. His face isn’t too bad either. The slick short hair works so well with his bone structure. And while I’m usually not into men with mustaches, I’m actually not bothered by it here especially with the scruff. I personally feel like it just adds to his overwhelming appeal. Then there’s the sexy tattooes on his arms, the pretty face and of course the awesome, bulging and smooth body. When you put it all together like this, you really can’t go wrong. Oh peter, like a ship-wrecked survivor, I’m calling out an “SOS” won’t you come and rescue me dress just like this?



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