Be Rude To Me! | Rihanna – Rude Boy Video

I absolutely LOVE this song. This is probably the first song that popped out to me when I first bootlegged… er I mean downloaded er… I mean “purchased” Rihanna’s Rated R. Love the beats, the lyrics, the arrangement, the subject matter. Everything. The moment I heard this song I was like this is FIRE. I’m actually quite baffled that it wasn’t released as the first single. Regardless, I’m glad it at least got the single treatment and fortunately for us the video leaked a day earlier than expected. The video is without a doubt… different from past videos we’ve seen of her recently. Its very colorful, Reggae-inspired, and playful. It also seems that Rihanna abandoned that “Black Rockstar Chick” she was trying to happen. Well then go on… get it girl! Bust that pussy hard and get that money! This is going to set the dance-floor on FIRE. Believe it!



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