I Must Confess… Since I’ve Been Gone

Hey guys, L here! Ok, I’ve definately got a few things I’ve got to discuss thats becoming blatantly obvious, that is my absence here at COABB. I know, I know! Here’s the thing, I had actually expected this to happen late last year around Dec. I’ve been a little absent here because of 1. My workload at school is at an all time high. Homework for my Accounting, Econ, Mathematics and what not are stacking up like pancakes at Ihop. And I need to stay on top of that because failure is not an option and being dumb is not cute. That went out in 2003! 2. I’ve been working a little bit more  and my “3 Days in a row” days off are nothing but a distant past for now. 3. When I actually do have time to blog, I’m either too tired and exhausted to even do so. And 4. Like any other young adult I’ve got MY issues AND personal problems to deal with. Luckilly, in the midst of all this “madness” I’ve got Mr.Handsome to keep me sane, happy, cool, among other things…. Thanks babe! However, this doesn’t mean goodbye or anything, it just means not as much posts until the summer. This is very unfortunate because I happen to be doing this while the blog readership was growing exponentially and this will definately affect that. But, I’ve got to do what I have to do!  On the plus side you all can go ahead and follow me on twitter where from now on I’ll be “tweeting” more often about my life, blog related stuff and ofcourse Hot, Handsome, and downright sexy men that you’ve all gotten accustomed to here at COABB. So go! What are you waiting for Follow me!

Before I go though, be on the lookout for another playlist, dedicated to one of my favorite holidays which is V-Day, from me in the near, and I mean very near future. It might be a little different but its going to HOT! Also I’ll be in L.A this weekend and I can’t wait. Counting down the days…



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