Jeff Tomsik Might As Well Be Perfect!

Oh Jeff!

Anyone whose been following my blog should know damn well who this drop dead gorgeous slab of hunk is. Its none other than one of my all time favorites, male model and apple of my eye Jeff Tomsik. If you didn’t know that, you should be slapped, and slapped hard in the face, considering I’ve blogged about him numerous times. It seems that Jeff here has gone under a little transformation, he’s looking a little smaller in frame, a little bit more leaner, and of course he had his hair trimmed and is now sporting long luscious rolling-around-in-the-bedroom hair.

I personally feel he’s never looked better!

It even seems like he’s done the impossible and got a little younger? This is why I’ve always been smitten with Jeff Tomsik. The body stays banging, and the face, with those ridiculously charming puppy dog eyes, stays handsome even over time. As the saying goes, according to Christina A. it just keeps getting better with Jeff. What do you guys think?



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