Tough Love | The Stop Blood Diamonds Collection

Make "Love" Not War!

I have a friend who’s all about rings for her accessories, and another who’s all about multi-strap-studded bracelets. Me personally I have a thing for necklaces especially long, dangly, and metallic ones. I’m also all about participating in a cause that means something to help out as best as I can no matter how little, such as buying “RED” products and marching for the No on “Prop 8” protest. Additionally this is why when I stumbled upon Yassai 7’s Stop Blood Diamonds Collection I was just smitten. It was a match made in heaven. The necklaces were just absolutely amazing. The designs were stylish, edgy, hard, but sent a strong and good positive message about stopping the use of blood Diamonds and Anti-War. I’m just in awe at the “Loved” necklace with the word “love” spelled out with weapons. I’m also quite taken aback at the Metal shaped sniper gun necklace, well pretty much I want all of them. Slowly and surely I will collect all of it!



Shop For These items at Yassai 7’s Website

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