Dsquared² Fall 2010

Your so bloody good looking

I love Dsquared² for many reasons. 1. They always have amazing clothes, 2. Its usually always gritty, trendy, and edgy, and 3. It’s usually modeled by ridiculously good looking male models  and such. And the thing is I actually was just given an uber-cute jacket from Dsquared² by a certain handsome someone and I’m totally crazy about it!  Oh and of course the guy too, I’ll refer to him as “Mr. Handsome” from here on out. Anyways, I feel like the same goes for Dsquared²’s Fall 2010 Collection.

One word: Its-Absolutely-To-Die-For!

I know that wasn’t “one word” but I made it work. What’s not to love in the collection? The fingerless gloves, the sexy “sports-injury” themed faces, the distressed jeans, the hair, the sleeveless shirts all amazing. I’d rock these all day, all night, all year and all the time. Thats how much I love it. Especially the “look” on the right the whole thing is just killer. The thing is I’ve been looking all over the place for a great dinner jacket for going out and that is exactly what I want. If I had that it would feel like Christmas morning. Sigh..Why can’t Christmas come earlier? Continue reading take a peek at some of my other favorite looks.



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