Frankly, Frankie Fallica Is Like A Work Of Art!

Won't you get me bodied?

I don’t usually say “Rowr!” because its so “70’s,” but for the handsome and ridiculously built male model Frankie Fallica… I just might. Rowr! Well I guess I just did. Apparently, there’s a first time for everything as they always say. Anyways,

What’s not to like about Frankie’s body of work?

From head to toe, he’s down right gorgeous right down every little detail. The man clearly is a natural-born adonis, with a picturesque physique so amazing its as if he was sculpted by the great artist Michelangelo himself. I have to say though, it’s the kind brown eyes that did it for me. As well as his amazing bone structure, abs harder than marble, with arms thick as can be, and its all wrapped in that beautiful sun-kissed skin tone. Sigh, as usual I swoon. He’s truly a sight to see. Frankly, I would even go as far as to say screw “David” it’s all about Frankie for me. The only thing he’s pretty much missing is me, to be truly part of a masterpiece.



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