I Must Confess… It Was Time To Migrate

Hey my loves! I’m sorta back… from my longer than expected hiatus from COABB. Don’t blame it all on me though, I had quite a few distractions like work, the holidays, finals, and such. However, one was definitely more welcomed that the others… he knows who he is. Well the holidays have come and gone and boy have they been amazing! Don’t ask me to do my usual play-by-play recap though because frankly I don’t quite remember every little damn thing that went on. That’s good and bad! Story of my life. I do have these faint memories of beautiful views from my hotel room, long nights, champagne, patron, dancing atop club tables along with couches, spilling drinks, and being asked by club bouncers/bartenders to get the fuck down. Sprinkle some heavy lip-locking in there as well. I was a hot mess and then some. Taking a cue from Jamie Foxx, I blame it on the Alcohol. Once again I have to say Patron shots are not my friends! Anyways, from SF to Sacramento and back we migrated, and it was all great fun! If what they say about how one spends New Years Eve will be how one spends the rest of the year is true, then I think I’m in for a treat. Here’s to you year twenty ten, may you be better than 09. I don’t want to jinx it though.

In other blog related news, You guys have been keeping my readership steady. Even without daily updates my stats were still strong and steady. Thanks for coming back guys! I promise to come back with a slew of hot guys that we can all ogle, hot mess stories and celebrity shenanigans soon. Celebrations aren’t over just yet…



2 thoughts on “I Must Confess… It Was Time To Migrate

  1. What’s good I made a remix of Jamie Foxx’s “Blame it on the Alchohol” Check it out I promise you NEVER heard it like this before!!!!!!!

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