Love Me, Love Me Robby Fiore!

Just say that you love me

Aww, could brown-haired, freckled faced, male model, Robby Fiore be any more ridiculously good looking? I don’t think its possible. Don’t believe me? Well I’m never lying, I’m a truth teller and let me tell you all, He’s not just sexy, nor is he just cute. Robby is both, he’s “Sexy-Cute” I’m absolutely crazy for his full lips that’s perfect for kissing, the strong eyebrows, the medium length hair made for stroking, and the cute button eyes I could get lost it. He’s also got sculpted arms I’d love to hold on to, abs that were meant to be touched twenty four seven, and an all around physically fit body perfect for embracing. Is there any question why I wouldn’t want it all?

I need to be all up on this, I’d ride robby like a pony!

Sigh, this must be love I’m feeling. Gorgeousness, he’s got it all over him. Oh, Robby the sooner you realize I’m right for you the better.



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