I Must Confess… It Was A “Monster”!

Hello my loves! It’s friday again, isn’t that just amazing? Well I’ve got just a few things to cover today. To start off, the Lady GaGa Monster Ball Show that I attended with my good ol’e bitchy BFF… WOW! I loved every minute of it. My girl GaGa can put on a show! The thing is I was actually getting a little tired of “The Fame Monster” Lp. after only god knows how many listens, but after going to the show the songs have been completely revitalized. It was that good. What else did I love about the show? The opening act’s, Semi Precious Weapons’ drummer: gorgeous! As well as the visuals during the intermissions and the show were bomb, it was so “electro madhouse,” the costumes were of course so DIVA! She opened with “Dance In The Dark” rocking a white-feathered-light-up-catsuit, then went on working it with an “Alien” outfit very similar to the one she wore to the AMA’S. At one point she was even rocking a Gorilla-like coat for “Monster,” then Hair-Bow-Meets-Rapunzel Hair the next in “Paparazzi”. Who else does that? Oooh! My girl came through San Francisco killed it and shut it down! Screw Rihanna, that GaGa reign just won’t let up. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the waiting, but other than that it was a “Monster” of a show I was “So happy I could Die” Can’t wait for her next show, or whatever else she does next.

p.s. Those are not my hands

In blog related news OMG! Confessions of a Bad Boy was just added on another popular blog listing getting a “5 out of 5” scoring! Thanks to this my blog readership literally doubled if not tripled! That’s pretty cool. So this is “Hello” to all of you who have just discovered COABB. I hope you guys continue to enjoy my little guilty pleasure. Have an amazing weekend!, do everything I will do.



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