Diesel Only! | Diesel Award Graphic Travel Bag

Must have this now

Must have this now!

OMG. Two posts related to fashion in a row… some of you are probably thinking “Ugh, No!” or “Where are the men?!?” well bare with me now It’s really late and I promise to feature another piece of gorgeousness tom. In the meantime let me tell you all about this uber amazing, apocalyptic feeling travel bag I saw at Diesel. I was shopping with my friend who was looking for a new bag and Diesel and I stumbled into the “Black Gold” label room and there it was the Diesel Award Graphic Travel Bag. From the distance I just knew I had to have it. I just have to have a “moment” in that bag. It was 100 percent leather, but was very soft to the touch.

Sorry PETA but it felt so good in my hands!

It was textured leather, had a zip closure, external and internal pockets. I didn’t want to part with it, I was just blown away. I asked the clerk how much it was, he said it was $610, and that’s when I was really blown away. That is way too much… I normally wouldn’t spent an awful lot of money on a bag, but for this I might have to make an exception. I’ll have to save a little for it though but I’ll have it soon enough, and I’ll be sure to take photos of it for you all as well.



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