X Marks My Spot | Gregg Homme Joxx Jock Strap

This ought to get him excited

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything remotely related to fashion that most of you probably forgot that COABB is also part fashion blog. So here it goes, but let me just put this out there first

I of all people happen know a thing or two about sexy underwear

Considering I’ve spent upwards of $600 on Aussiebums, Frank Dandy’s, etc. Anyways, enough about that. True story: I was hanging out with Mr. Eight Point Five one night and he happened to mention that I was wearing “the unsexiest underwear” ever. He was somewhat joking, but he even went as far as to saying that they were grandpa undies“. Mind you all, the underwear in question was from The Gap, they were boxer cut briefs, and they were definitely not that bad. Long story short, He didn’t get any that night. Afterwards, I told myself that the next time we get together, I will be rocking some sexy ass underwear and show him how really I do it. Which leads me to these amazing Gregg Homme Joxx Jock Strap. These little baby’s are so bad, it should be illegal! I’m going to be rocking these just for Mr.Eight Point Five and show him just how unsexy I can be. What do you all think? Confess.



8 thoughts on “X Marks My Spot | Gregg Homme Joxx Jock Strap

  1. Eh. Good and bad. More on the bad side, the more I stare at them. They’re cute as a fusion of a jock and undies w/ support.

    But it makes me think of a chastity belt. And they miss the whole point of wearing a jock strap: to brag about how well one’s butt defies gravity, w/ the help of a skimpy strap.

  2. L wears boxer briefs…..well there goes that image.

    You should check out Obviously briefs. Mr. Eight would love you in those.

  3. LOL @ Chris. What do you mean there goes that image? I was wearing boxer briefs cause they were comfy an they were my “regular person” underwear. Thanks for the heads up = )

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  5. I think that guys should wear whatever underwear they find comfortable. You don’t usually find out what kind of underwear somebody is wearing until you get them home and if some guy leaves because your not wearing what he thinks are sexy underwear then he’s a freak anyway. I must confess to having a large one and I haven’t tried to stuff it into tight briefs in a long time. I wear boxers so it can hang down my leg and I wouldn’t change just because some guy wants me to wear briefs. Maybe it doesn’t matter as much because I am a top and I don’t care how my ASS looks? But I don’t have a preference for what guys wear, but I do prefer that they are wearing them. What are “regular person” underwear?

    I look forward to hearing from you all.


  6. OOPS! I forgot to mention that I think the joxx jock strap looks stupid and If I ripped some boys pants down and found those I would probably break out laughing, but that wouldn’t stop me from taking what I want and I have really never needed to have the target market. My heat seeking missile can find the target from 12 inches away!

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