Britney’s “3” Part 2 The Director’s Cut

I love Britney to death but I wasn’t blown away by “3” initially… that is until I heard it at the club! After that “3” became one of my favorite songs of 2009. If you love “3” as much as I do, you might get a kick out of the new directors cut that’s just been released. It features Britney’s tittays almost busting out of that white one piece she’s rocking, also it has more “dance” sequences, and more outfits. Those alone makes it a better video compared than the original, however the editing is a little too choppy. It as if the scenes are cut too fast or aren’t aligning with the beat which makes the whole video seem disjointed… or was it just me? Maybe thats why they ended releasing the original version. Which one do you all like better… see for yourself and confess.



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