Ryan Daharsh Is Killing Me!

You've just broken all my defenses

God damn! I had just recently featured the gorgeousness that is male model Ryan Daharsh, but just when I thought he couldn’t get any hotter he goes and proves me wrong…

I pretty much think he’s incredibly fucking hot but… fuck!

I didn’t know he was this damn hot. Pardon my french, but this kind of language is absolutely necessary when where dealing with such divine creatures such as Mr. Daharsh right here. That bod is just so piping hot, its as if it had just came out fresh out the oven. I’m also just totally amazed at how handsome this guy is, the ripped abs, the sexy coif, the bulging thighs among other things, and that adonis belt. I’m about to flatline. The death of me must be his mission, cause with every look and tease he’s snatching every bit of my strength. How can something deadly feel so right?



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