I Want To Get Right With Aaron O’Connell…

I want to cozy up to you

The weather’s been so cold and I’m feeling a little chilly. If only the ever so ruggedly handsome male model Aaron O’Connell could hand me a sweater, I think then everything would be all right. If he doesn’t have any to share,

I’m fine with him wrapping his muscular and athletic body all around me

No cashmere sweater, scarf and or gloves would ever rival the warm embrace of this good looking fellow. Sigh… here it goes, I’m falling in love all over again. Come to think of it nothing would rival Aaron, He’s just right and I’d take him just the way he is. There will be no alterations needed, no changes, no patches to sew, cause he’s got no tears. That body, and everything else, of his is magnificent and his face is oh so dreamy, were truly fit to be tied. We belong together like hot chocolate on a cold day. Oh I just love the way those bedroom eyes of his say good morning and good night. Sigh, I’m feeling much better already.



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