Light My Fire Arik Owen!

Warm up to me?

It didn’t occur to me that handsome male model and blonde male bombshell Arik Owen’s name is actually just “Eric” but spelled with an “A”. Yes I know I was kinda slow on that one but it’s not my entirely fault. Arik is so flipping hot he distracted me. Look at the guy… it would have happened to just about anyone who has eyes. I’m sure he has that effect on people.

Just by  the way he stares starts a fire in me!

My heart is in absolute flames for Arik right now. I can’t help it, he lit the match for me. From the cute haircut, the ridiculously lean body and the sculpted arms, clearly there’s practically zero body fat in this body. That face, that face, that face, Wow. His eyes? Most likely his best feature. They are the most adorable baby blues I’ve even seen. It’s like a mix of puppy dog, kind, and bright eyed that also tells me not only is he hot but he’s got a great sense of humor to boot. He’s 100 percent my type. Oh Arik, lets get it blazing?



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