I Must Confess… Better Late Than Never

Hey my loves! L here. Wow so let me do my usual early morning complaining so I could get that out of the way. I’m so fucking sleepy its not even funny. I can literally feel myself drifting off to slumberland. Ok thats done. Busy, busy week this has been I even forgot to blog about last weekend amidst all the business, which was so fun. I was doing my best “Lindsay Lohan” that weekend as you can see from the photo to your left. I feel like I succeeded, however I’m not sure if thats good or not. Went out with my BFF both got fucked up, had a heart to heart at the club, and  afterwards just burned up the dancefloor. Had like 3 hours of sleep that night cause then I had to work. Ugh. Then went back to the beautiful Castro for another night out with some other hot he-bitches. When you put together a lot of he-bitches together you know your going to get a lot of “DIVA-shit” going on and thats exactly what happened. Overall it was fun. I looked tired as all hell afterwards but at least I had fun.

Anyways, back to the blog sorry if I haven’t been posting too much this past week. I have finals this coming week so I had to do a lot of reviews. On the plus side I might blog a little more this weekend considering the weather is so atrocious right now until monday. It’s time that I have some quiet time with myself anyways. Oddly enough though my stats went through the roof. (With the help of those hotter than though leaked photos of Grady) I hit 3 stat highs, 2 of those consecutively. YAY! Yes, I know I still get excited when my readership goes up. I’m just truly grateful that people continue to visit COABB again and again. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Oh I almost forgot to mention… I’m going to be seeing the genius that is Lady GaGa in concert on the 14th. How amazing is that? And I’m finally on Twitter! I know I was way late on that train.

Well that’s the end of this weeks edition of “What the hell is going on in L’s life” and I hope you guys have a terrific rest of the weekend! If your doing something naughty, wild, and downright crazy you be sure to let me, or us all, here at COABB know ok. There should be no secrets between us.



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