Rihanna Hottest Bitch In Heels Right Here?


Ooh girl! Peep Rihanna looking the “hotness” during her release party for her currently failing CD “Rated R” Look at this hot ass mess! This is why I like Rihanna though. She wears whatever the hell she wants to wears, or her stylist wants her to wear, and just rocks the hell out of it without giving a fuck.  Even if said certain look will make her look like a damn hooker. That’s how I do. That dress is something crazy though… but I kinda like it.

Work  it girl, work that hidden tiger crouching tranny look!

She’s so hard! She’s even doing the “hands in the air” dance which if you personally know me is something I always do. Anyways, on the topic of her new album though, as much as I wanted to dislike Rated R, I actually quite love it. The album is definately a grower and once its grows on you its stuck like glue or in Rihanna’s case like the color orange on her head.



Photos courtesy of X17

2 thoughts on “Rihanna Hottest Bitch In Heels Right Here?

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