Gimme Sizemore | Grady Sizemore Hot Selfpics

Oh Grady!

So I’m sure a lot of people have seen Cleveland Indian center-fielder Grady Sizemore’s “leaked” pics. Granted I know this is a little “old” as in possibly a week old, however I’m still going to post them up because we, or I, here at COABB think that male hotness has no expiration date. Besides, there’s a chance some haven’t seen them considering that it was being taken down left and right.

Anyways, boy is Grady a little cutie or what? He’s got a cute smile, a ridiculously sexy hot physique and those abs? My goodness.

That is a home run in my book!

The thing is he’s got like this handsome, but cute at the same time looking face that’s very young-ish. But he’s also got a banging body of a grown man, which is just like how I like it! I’m infatuated like never before. Oh grady, I know a game we can play and there’s no need to keep any scores. I know its cliche but if you pitch I’ll catch. 



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