Go Ahead Joshua Yajacaji!


You'll be the "death" of me

Regardless of male model Joshua Yajacaji’s tongue twister of a last name, he’s still sexy.

His beauty or is it handsomeness, is actually quite peculiar in a way.

On one, side he’s what you would call a “pretty guy” with his darling eyes, strong and clean eyebrows coifed hair, smooth skin, etc. But, on the other he also exudes that bad boy attitude I so adore in my guys, from the unshaven jaw, the tattoos, and messy hair. This type of combo in a guy always proves seductively fatal to me, boys like that they “slay” me. Then again somebody with pretty sky blue eyes, large arms, and a sick body like Joshua’s, why should I complain? It’s bad for me, I get that but I don’t care. Oh Joshua won’t you kiss me one more time before I “die”?



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