I Must Confess… Lessons Learned & Then Some

Hey guys, L here. Wow! So another week has come and gone, another holiday as well has come and gone, time is flying by so fast no? Anyways, first things first in blog related news, I put up a new banner for COABB featuring the one and only gorgeousness that is XXXX! You guys seem to love him too considering you guys have been googling him and ending up on COABB. I knew he was going to be big, which is why I featured him a while ago, and now he’s on his way. Good Job XXXX!

Moving on though, I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine’s was nice I didn’t eat as much as I would like but I felt like I was about to burst. I literally had to unbutton my size 28 Lucky Jeans jeans while I was eating. I felt like a hippo!

Before I go though, about last weekend…I had so much fun. Craziness, Bar-hopping, Diva’s, Boys, BFF’S and drunken-ness all around. FYI I’ve been hanging out with this new guy almost all week, he’s swedish, blonde, 26, 5’9,  longish spiked hair, adorable, handsome, ridiculously and sarcastically funny with an unparalleled sex drive. I’ll call him “Mr. Eight Point Five” here at COABB. If you have to ask why… figure it out. Wink wink. Well as opposed to discussing what the hell happened last weekend I decided to do it differently and just list the things I learned from it:

1. They do not have Caipirinha’s everywhere, White Russians, Screwdrivers, or Mojitos as good as they taste, are not enough. 2. My BFF B was sitting on a naughty little secret he shouldn’t have been. Shame on you girl!! 3. Your sexy leather clad Saturday night outfit is not appropriate come Sunday morning. 4. Waking up at 6:00 am then going back to sleep around 4:00am the following day can fuck a bitch up. 5. If you gotta pee and people be taking way too damn long in the bathrooms…pee on somebody’s front porch… discretely of course. 6. I blurt out wildly inappropriate things, regardless if I’m drunk or sober. 7. If the dance floor is packed, Diva’s can dance on the bar. 8. The tipsier you are, the more people you’ll recognize. 9. If you wear a certain shirt and get photographed in it and just happen to wear that same shirt and get photographed in it again two months after, you’ll look like an “outfit repeater” which is a fashion crime. Ugh. 10. If the bars and clubs are closing, grab a pizza! 11. No matter how big of a hot mess you are being, somebody else will always be a bigger hot ass mess than you. 12. Spending the night in “Sweden” can be rough on your back. Real rough. 13. Apparently I’m a “skank bitch” for number 12 14. If all else fails… do some hoe shit.

Anything else? If you learned things last weekend as well go ahead and post it duh! Well I have no plans this weekend yet, so I better hurry up and call around. Have a good weekend guys! Try not to get trampled at your local target, best buy, or club. Remember your life is not worth that new gigantic flat screen t.v or that guy you’ve been eyeing all night. That’s all folks.



3 thoughts on “I Must Confess… Lessons Learned & Then Some

  1. L
    1. You are not a ‘skank bitch’.
    2. I bet Swedish Mr. eight point five would be rough.

    and you can eat all you want and you will never be a hippo.

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