Ryan On Me | Ryan Daharsh…Undressed

Ryan Daharsh

Dripping with sex appeal

If I were still in high school, I would without a doubt in my heart call bright-eyed, New York city based male model Ryan Daharsh a “total hottie” Nicknamed “Ryry” the 6′ 1″ gorgeousness was of course discovered in his hometown of Lincoln, NE. Can I just say, I swoon and I swoon to the max for this former high school football and wrestling star. That face, that body

he just screams sex on a beach…and them some!

From the perfect tan, the long curly beach blonde hair, the sexy washboard abs, the brighter than summer sun smile, and those baby cheeks. I think I’m madly love! Don’t even get me started on those smooth and perfect pecs of his. Oh and he can tightly wrap those bulkier than beach boulder arms of his on me like seaweed on a propeller. Now that I think about it, Me without Ryan is like an ocean without a beach, a calm without a storm, or a surfer even without his surfboard. It just won’t work. Oh Ryan, you should really let me wax your board. You can even hit me with your wave, I promise I wont wipe out.



7 thoughts on “Ryan On Me | Ryan Daharsh…Undressed

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  2. wow…( gasping for air)…wow….if Ryan does a shoot in Hawai’i please contact me. -lopez4949™!

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