I Must Confess… A Bad Romance?

Hey my loves, your one and only L here. Time stamp: 7:30 am, Saturday. Yes, you heard that right. I hate waking up and working so early. It gives me dark circles, which I absolute loathe, under my eyes. Story of my life. On the plus side I get off early in the afternoon and have the rest of the day and night to do whatever or whoever. Kidding, well sorta. Anyways, to those who care I meant to share with you guys the surprisingly really fun and sweet bordering on romantic little date I had with let’s call him “Mr. Yale”. Why Yale? Because he graduated from there and I found that ridiculously sexy for some reason. He was 22 years old, tall, dark-short hair, cute nose, nice friendly eyes, with a handsome face. He was also very funny, athletic, and definitely my type. I must say it felt really good going on a date again considering I’m really just such a romantic. It’s been a little bit since the last time, not counting straight to bed hookups of course, considering I was off the “market” for a few due to my surgery.

Moving on though, so went to this little dive bar bordering the Castro and the Mission called Elixir. We both haven’t been there before and he got there before me, I was a little late as usual. I guess Elixir wasn’t what he expected so we decided to go to the restaurant/lounge which was across the street. Luckily, we managed to get a  table, the place was somewhat packed, then again it was on a friday night. Afterwards we ended up going back to the dive bar, and stayed there quite a bit. I actually thought it was cute, it was mostly a straight crowd but I still liked the atmosphere of it. It was also way crowded but it still felt private while I was talking to Mr. Yale. We ordered drinks and flirted, got to know each other some more. I got a Caipirinha and let me tell you those are amazing! I love it, Caipirinha’s are the new Mojitos! Anyways, considering my little habit of saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times, I did let a couple of things slip that I shouldn’t have. Whoops. I also feel like I came off kinda “I want to fit in” as opposed to “Open to change and experiment” which is bad cause they are two completely different things. He seemed really cool about it though and remained sweet and charming the whole time. After a little bit he asked me if I wanted to go back to his house or walk to the park. Since I know what will happen if we go to his house, attractive men and me alone equals trouble. They could talk me into about anything if they wanted to, oh if they only knew. I was smooth, trimmed, showered, cute, fresh, and ready to hit the sack however, I’ve been feeling a change in me so instead of going home with him like I always do with guys, I sorta opted that we just take the stroll in the park.  Yes, I know some might think that would be such a big mistake, but I don’t know I wanted to try something new for once. And so we did, he was actually very affectionate, and compliments kept on rolling still. His arms were around my shoulders most of the time, we held hands while we were walking and made out more than a few times. In the middle of all of this good-mannered, charming, and flirtacious conversations he did ask me if I liked giving head. The answer to that I’ll let you all figure out in these past posts. In the end, I don’t know if we “connected-connected” in a way that would warrant a second date but overall I enjoyed it and it was definitely a good date.

I hope that didn’t bore you guys too much but I do have to bounce and get back to work now. If you have any fun and cute dating tips let me and everybody else know. I hope you all have a fun, wild ass weekend! What’s going on tonight anyways? Wet and Wild at Club Eight? Possibly. I’m gonna hit up the clubs and bars with my BFF and maybe fetch some more boys to go out with.



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