Watch Her! | Beyonce – Video Phone Ft. Lady Gaga

Ok then… so being a huge Gaga fan and a former huge Beyonce fan, I among thousands of others were definitely on the lookout for the duo’s collaboration on Beyonce’s never single material “Video Phone”. After all the wait, the verdict is not good. This video is so weird and pointless, it doesn’t even have the redeeming qualities that Sweet Dreams at least had. Pretty much its a hot ass mess. Where to begin? The good: Beyonce looks her usual spectacular self in that intro look. Of course people are going to compare her slick blonde do with Rihanna’s current “edgy” blonde cut. However, remember guys Beyonce’s been blonde since the Destiny’s Child and This video was filmed right around after the VMA’s… way before Rihanna came out with that blonde mess. Also the militaristic outfit with the garters… Rihanna wore something very similar if not the same damn thing in “Wait Your Turn” and was photographed heavily wearing the garters as well during Fashion Week. A mess! Anyways, a toned down Gaga of course looks amazing. Unfortunately, the fun stops there. The bad: this video. First off what is up with them cheap ass plastic toy guns? What is that about? It did not work for Mariah Carey in Touch My Body and it does not work here… or anywhere at all. Ever. That is not what’s hot in the streets right now. I don’t know there’s just a lot of “bootlegedness” going on here. I liked the little dance breakdown Bey and Gaga had though, it’s not as good as the synchronized dance with Shakira but it will do. Oh and lastly, B. what’s with that 80’s pin-up/ghetto girl hybrid look in the end? That’s kinda stank. Ugly was just everywhere on this. What do you guys think?



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