Licensed To Kill! | Cory Bond… Undressed

Cory Bond

He's got a bullet with my name on it

I’m sweating, I can’t think. My heart is pounding and I’m terrified. I’m so attracted to phenomenal male model Cory Bond‘s gorgeous, its scary. Look at him, the former high school football star is male perfection incarnate. I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t written about the blue eyed drop dead gorgeous model  more. He’s so handsome he gives me goosebumps, those eyes of his make my hair stand up, and his banging body sends the chills running up and down my spine

Considering, the the effect Cory has on me, you’d think the man was an assassin!

The perfect brown colored hair, the slightly pursed but still masculine lips, the deep alluring eyes and that striking nose with those killer defined eyebrows. Amazing. His pulse poundingly fully loaded body I’m wanting so bad, its murder. Screw Rihanna, We can play our own version of russian roulette on my body, if I could pull his trigger, I think  I’d die happy.



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