Straight Guys Gets Touched….

Question, who the hell approved this? Bless their heart! I was perusing The Sword and just happened to stumble upon this cute, funny, and almost sexy perhaps? video of a one sexy Robert James Hoffman III from, doing an experiment on straight guys. The expermiment was to test other straight guys on whether they like or would protest to being softly touched by another straight guy. On a side note: Have you heard of that site? I haven’t either. Apparently, Rob was in She’s The Man, which is actually one of my favorite movies, You Got Served, etc. Anyways, he goes on with the experiment with surprisingly funny results and moments. It’s a little disappointing though that none of the guys reciprocated with the same level of touching as Robert, considering how sexy he is. Then again the  cute long-haired guy at the end seemed like he was really into whatever it was Rob was whispering in his ears, he didn’t even mind the slight neck nibbling. How you doing?



2 thoughts on “Straight Guys Gets Touched….

  1. I can’t figure out the venue where he is, do you know? It looks possibly like a movie set? It’s funny, but it looks like the guys all know him.

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