What Is It About Anthony Baldwin?

Anthony Baldwin

He's such a Baldwin!

Ok don’t get me wrong male model Anthony Baldwin is really hot! Let’s see we share very similar last names, he’s got an amazingly built body, nice defined abs, cute smile, an even cuter butt, impeccable chests, a handsome face, and pretty short blonde hair. What’s not to like about Anthony really? When all is said and done he is still gorgeous.

The guy is just modernly handsome!

Pretty much, Anthony is a part of a long list of men I would never kick out of bed. However, when I saw this set of photos of him something seemed off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. While I love the photo on the left of him, I think he looks ridiculously adorable with that grin, the rest seemed off. Maybe its the shade of blonde? The lighting? Did he lose muscle mass? My imagination? I don’t know maybe its just me. We’ll my loves, what do you all think?



8 thoughts on “What Is It About Anthony Baldwin?

  1. God, I love a man in underwear! until I yank them off! I don’t see anything wrong with him, but this is the first time so I can’t compare how he looked before these shots. As for your list, I think you should make a list of guys you WOULD kick out of bed, it would save a few trees and a lot of time.

  2. I have a crush on him.

    I get instant bone everytime I see him. NO kidding.

    He’s a great face-body combo.

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