My Romance! | Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Video

Lady Gaga

OMFG! The “Bad Romance” video is out and it is nothing short of amazing! The level of “differentness” and “High Fashion” has never been this high for a pop video and I love it! This shit right here is the reason Lady G is taking over the game. No one can do it like she does! I don’t even know where to start. Can I just say that I absolutely love this song? Second, a couple of already seen before and infamous Lady Gaga getups can be seen in the vid such as the orbital-dress she rocked during SNL, the white crown head gear she wore during the VMA’s, and the fireworks bra. It doesn’t stop there though, My favourite would definitely be the Alexander McQueen jewel encrusted outfit paired with those ridiculously high 10-inch heels, or lobster claws! That look is straight up DIVA. It’s like they were made just for her. The emaciated naked look right down to the graphic display of the spinal cord bones… freaky but as my Bitchy Bff  would say “Ferosh!” Somebody please pass me the dictionary, because I have no words left to describe the genius that is Lady Gaga. To see the video


p.s is it just me or does she not look like a blonde Amy Winehouse in the final sequences of the video? Like in the red outfit and the polar bear coat.

One thought on “My Romance! | Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Video

  1. Hahahaha…I agree with you right there!!! She does look like a blonde Amy Winehouse! I read somewhere that before she hit fame, she changed her hair color so that people don’t compare her to Amy!

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