I Must Confess…The Night Was Young!

Lin80SHey my loves, L here! I know I haven’t updated since like the day after Halloween, but what can I say? I was a little hungover at the time… just a little.  Luckily I already had a couple of post already drafted waiting to be published. Anyways, overall Halloween 2009 was amazing! In true Halloween fashion me(in a one of a kind sexy 80’s biker look), my bitchy BFF, and some my other friends all dressed up and hit the city for a night of nonstop dancing and drinking. Oh how I just love a celebration in SF, especially in the Castro. Let see… Getting the “You look like a slut!” from a stranger and the “cute costume!” shout outs, check! Bar-hopping? check! Trigger was amazing, the 20 dollar cover charge though not so much. Luckily, they gave us all half off. Lucky! Never underestimate the power of some ass! Anyways, attempt to dance atop the bar, Check! Getting asked to stepped down from dancing atop the bar a minute later, Check! Seeing a Girl/Guy in a Lady Gaga bubble dress? Check! Squeezed like a sardine at the Badlands dance floor? Check! Groped by anonymous hands at said dance floor, check! Drinks repeatedly spilling on my bare legs by other drunk patrons, Check! Dropping it low until my booty touched the floor, hell yeah! That’s a check! Losing my voice the day after? Check!  All in all it was a fun like, oh  it was like Disco Heaven!

Unfortunately, now I have the sniffles all thanks to my bitchy BFF, B and his crazy ass, who was just recovering from the flu, thinking alcohol will cure all. Thanks girl! Well guys I hope you guys had a good Halloween weekend as well! I got to go and get some rest now, promise to save me a dance for the next song?



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