Boys Will Be Boys Part V: Rebels Without Clothes

Guys With Iphones

Be My Bad Boy

Hey guys, well I’m sorta back, with a Boys Will Be Boys entry just in time for Halloween!  Let me tell you guys that Halloween is one of my ultimate favorite holidays! Why you ask? My Bitchy BFF asked me the same damn thing btw. Well, I love it because you can play dress up and be anything you like, be it trampy, himbo-ish, scary, silly, and you’ll receive a pass for it because it’s Halloween!

Lot’s alcohol, scantily clad boys, sexy men, and touch of role play?

It a win-win situation if you ask me and I love it. Anyways, since it is Halloween week and  it is all about “themes,” I decided to focus on a specific type of guy I so adore this go around. If it’s not obvious by now my love of Athletic bad boys, those rebels with or without a cause, those notorious men who break rules and break hearts always get the best of me. I obtained the best of the crop, that hasn’t been featured before, and from there I ranked my top four of the bunch. Continue reading to check out the sexy rebels below

The Top 4

Guys With IPhones4. I’m so caught up in this boy’s lust, I don’t even know what to do. Those dangerously sweet eyes of his have it. He’s like sugar and I’m in need of a rush. I could just lick his seductively hot body from head to toe. Like a Jawbreaker, I could eat him up all day. The tattoo-coated body, the washboard abs, and  the squint in the eyes, it’s all sexy as fuck. This fellow has a face of prince in the body of a bad boy. I can just picture him as that guy who’d get drunk and cheats on you with one of your friends. After leaving you heartbroken, on the verge of a breakdown, and crying all day and all night, he’ll show up at your doorstep one night with those puppy-dog eyes of his, your favorite flowers, and chocolate in hand with an a simple apology. Obviously, you wouldn’t resist and take him back.  Yeah I said it. I’m a sort of a masochist that way. I’ll break it down for you guys, he can take me to his Candy shop and give me a taste of what he’s got. I’ll finally solve the age old question of how many licks does it  really take to get to the center of a… In record time no less.

Guys With Iphones3. Well hello tall, dark, pierced, and very handsome! A cap, jeans, and shirtless look will always hit it out of the park with me. Gosh, I just have to put this out there what is it about hot boys in baseball caps that drives me so absolutely freaking wild? Seriously every time I see and talk to one I go nuts and lose control. Not to mention I lose a good percentage of my clothes as well. It’s crazy! It’s like I’m one of those rabid fans in baseball games that take their clothes to swing their shirts in the air while hooting and hollering. Only when it comes to me, it’s not the game I’m cheering and going absolutely bat-shit crazy for, its the men. Surely I’m not the only one afflicted by this particular condition, am I?  God, I hope not. Regardless, baseball cap or no baseball cap, I know damn well I’d be going gaga for this guy anyways. I mean can you believe those big beautiful eyes? The rock hard abs, the muscular arms and that adonis belt? Majorly Hot! I swear one and look and a raised eyebrow from this guy and I’m done. He can a hit a home run in my field any given sunday, or any day for that matter. Granted I’m not sure exactly what I think of the beard/sideburns combo thing he has going on, the man is still a home run in my eyes. First base, second base, third base, I’m willing to go the distance. As long as he pitches, I’l always be here to catch.

Guys With IPhones2. Question, who doesn’t go head over heels in love over an uber-athletic, super-lean, shirtless, cocky hot jock with a crew cut in a pair of basketball shorts? I don’t know about everybody but I know I do, every damn time. I know those are dangerous love affairs, but I get dizzy spells, and my blood pressure rises from their undeniable sexy. I also know that I don’t want to be this sexy boy’s enemy or just a friend. I want much more. This blonde bad boy’s got what I need. I want the rough kisses from those sexy lips, to feel the touch of his hand, the warm embrace from those strong arms, and to look in those smolderingly adorable eyes of his. I want to smell the scent of his skin and sweat, caress those killer-defined abs, and run my finger on his seductive adonis belt. I want his loving and his passion, good or bad, I don’t want to be friends. A nonchalant guy with a pretty face and hard-rock body with a cocky attitude like that? Of course I want it all, I want his all, I want his everything, and I want it now. Skin to skin, body to body, I want his romance, and we don’t need to have a moon or twinkling stars in sky.

Guys With IPhones1. Damn! Like a flame, I’ve been ignited by this guy. He can light my fire with his butane anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. He is looking so right, he can use my love without a doubt. There will be no hesitations, no need to think about it, I want this! Where do i sign? Ugh, I love those Bad boys and I’ve admitted that more than enough. There’s nothing wrong with a little trouble? Let’s all keep it real, We all love those type of guys, those rude but hot assholes, those fucking jerks who abuses us more than a little, and do whatever they want to do without apology. I’m trying to keep my head from spinning but a sexy face like his, with puppy-dog eyes, tattoos, a buff bod, and a bad attitude brings me to my knees. I’m definitely liking what he’s doing to me. Here’s an open invitation to My number one, you can tie-me up, pull my hair, blindfold, or even gag me. I’ll play the victim and I won’t complain. I’m like a pro, and  I’ll like it. They say a guy like me is hard to find, cause you can do what you please. It’s true, It’s totally up to you what you do to me. Tonight you’ll be the winner and I’ll will be the prize.

Waiting to be claimed…



Don’t agree with the my top 4? Don’t hold your peace! Vote for your favorite and see where he places with everybody else

7 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys Part V: Rebels Without Clothes

  1. L.

    I hate to break it to ya, but I think you may have homosexual tendencies!

    btw I am clueless about the adonis belt, what are u talking about? and where do you find these great pics?

    Keep it up, you sure keep me up.

  2. Hey T,
    I’m really glad you enjoyed my blog = )
    When I say Adonis belt I’m referring to the v-cut along the waistline of a guy.


  3. Thanks for filling me in on the belt and thanks for all the new hot pictures since I logged in last time. I logged in because I was checking my mail and found out that some self-hating moron left a rude post on your site. Don’t let it bother you, you know who you are and what your doing, he’s just angry because you have a life and he doesn’t. I haven’t gotten to the full post yet, but I will probably respond to him myself if I can. How do you come across all these pictures of hot new boys that nobody else has heard about? Do you subscribe to a lot of midwestern highschool yearbooks? lol.



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