The Hills Have Hot Men

Aaron Gardner

My Garden Needs Tending...

I hate to admit it, but Politics is not my strong suit. I’m terribly uninformed about the real inner workings of the government and its policies. Yes, I know I feel awful about it! However, I’m currently taking an American Politics class so hopefully after this semester I won’t be such a “Jessica Simpson” on the topic. Anyways I’m bringing this up because I stumbled upon The Hill’s, which is a site regarding all the things going on in Capitol Hill, list of the Most Beautiful working on the Hill. The article is from from last year I think, But I don’t care. We here at COABB do not pass up on a good looking guy. I chose 5 from The Hill’s toplist and the one the right is one of my favorites.He is the super gorgeous 27 year old Aaron Gardner!

Why is he working for Congress?

Has he not heard of Jacobs? Armani? Vuitton? He should get off “The Hill” and onto the runways ASAP! Unfortunately, the list wasn’t gender specific so it did include women cutting down the male prospects to half. Bummer! Anyways, continue reading to check out the rest of the handsome guys and in the spirit of democracy vote for your choice “Hottie on ‘the Hill'”.



Photos Courtesy of The Hill

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