Beau-nafide | Beau Mirchnoff In Desperate Housewives

Beau Mirchoff

Desperate For Beau

Truth be told, I kinda gave up on T.V ever since that whole Writer’s Strike mess a couple of years ago. I quit most of the shows I used watch completely. The only thing I actually care to even follow these days is Gossip Girl and Project Runway. I also used to watch Desperate Housewives religiously, however I quit the show considering how truly awful and boring season 5 was. I quit that shit 5 episodes in actually, what a train wreck. That shit was just wack. Oddly enough, I did tune in to the season six premiere and I’m liking it so far. I actually like the stories and that season 4 sparkle, which in my honest opinion was the best after S1, seems to have returned. However, it’s not the housewives I keep coming back for week after week. It’s the addition of young hottie Beau Mirchnoff.

The name Beau alone makes me swoon!

Can you believe those darling eyes of his? The messy hair and the strong eyebrows, take note Joe Jonas, looks so good on him as well. I remember seeing him for the first time in Scary Movie 4 thinking “Who is this little cuteness?” I even went as far as to suggest that he should have been cast as the son in the War of the Worlds movie rather than that guy they used. Oh Beau would you be my beau? I melt at the sight of you.



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