Kid Cut-ty | Joe Jonas Get A Haircut

What a difference a couple of inches make... of hair I mean

Well, well I never thought I’d live to see the damn day I’d post about The Jonas Brothers. Personally, I feel no adoration for those three at all… whatsoever. They’re just so random, and frankly I don’t see the appeal. Especially with Joe Jonas and his long flowy/curly/whichever hair. Ugh. Well anyways apparently he recently cut his hair, don’t ask me when cause I seriously don’t know or don’t care, and he actually looks good!

I kinda finally see what all the teen “fuss” is about.

He is looking hot! However, that doesn’t mean I will be watching their movies or buying their CD’s or nothing. Also I won’t be saying anything too naughty considering I don’t really know what age Joe is, nor do I care enough to wiki that ish. He must have tweezed some of that caterpillar eyebrows of his as well cause it’s looking all “slimmer”  and “tended” to me. All in all short hair is a good look on you JJ. Keep it up.



Photo courtesy of Examiner

3 thoughts on “Kid Cut-ty | Joe Jonas Get A Haircut

  1. kay i don’t really care for this kid, or his brothers for that matter, either
    but i wanted to comment on the “caterpillar eyebrow” comment
    i don’t know, but I really like a strong eyebrow on a man
    course their a fine line between a strong eyebrow, and a bushy as hell eyebrow that needs a weed whacker, but i personally like the idea of a man with strong eyebrows

  2. Like Lee Pace. I want to bed his eye brows.

    But no, this kid seriously had some weird things going on with his eyebrows. He could have had a unibrow in a previous life.

  3. To SD – i’m glad to know Im not the only one who feels that way about the JB. And you know what I agree on the strong eyebrows as well… I just don’t think it works for him.

    To Lex – your comment made me LOL!

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