Hugh Complete Me! | Hugh Feist…Undressed!

You can make me whole again

You can make me whole again

When I first laid my eyes on the gorgeous New York based male model that is Hugh Feist my heart stopped. Since then the butterflies in my stomach wont stop. This twenty three year old, blonde, and blue eyed, Major Model and all together hunk of a man is without a doubt a total hearthrob! I can’t believe how sugar-sweet-sexy his face is. That chin?I want to bite it. I swoon! I’m actually getting high from it all. He needs to lend me some of his sugar like I’m his neighbor. Now on to those amazing eyes of his. It should be no mystery but that is some panty and underwear-dropping eyes right there if I ever saw one. Standing at about Six feet and one inch

Hugh’s so sexy it hurts!

Actually I’m left wondering how I’ve managed to live 21 years of my life without Hugh. It feels as if he is the long lost piece of the puzzle that is my life. I know what I need now, its no enigma! Us two need to be one. That’s when I’ll be whole again. Until then, I’ll be walking down the street, dragging my feet, staring at the sky aimlessly wondering when I’ll be complete.



3 thoughts on “Hugh Complete Me! | Hugh Feist…Undressed!

  1. I am not sure he would make you hole, I think he might split you wide open, fortunately you would heal just fine without any medical care.

  2. I can’t believe a so gorgeous man like him exists. He is so good-looking that every girl falls in love with him just looking at him.

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